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Physics Astronomy Life


A site about the deepest and most bizarre themes that humanity is challenged to explore in the beginning of the 21st century


1.      This collection of webpages is the result of a compilation of knowledge by a long-time enthusiast, though without holding any academic qualifications on the exposed subjects;

2.      It provides a deep, global and holistic scientific insight, allowing us to position in the cosmos the immediate environment of the human society;

3.      It explores the most daring and speculative limits of the present days science;

4.      It's organized in a logical, clear and simple way, so that it can be easily understood by any unprofessional reader, as the author himself;

5.      The text is totally built upon the study of very reliable sources, from which shall be emphasized the following authors: Andrew Chaikin, António Damásio, Bent Raymond Jørgensen, Colin A. Ronan, Hubert Reeves, Ian Ridpath, J D MacDougall, J Kelly Beatty, James Lovelock, Jean Heidmann, John Gribbin, Jorge Dias de Deus, Martin Rees, Marvin Minsky, Michio Kaku, Robert Jenkins, Stephen Hawking, Susan Jenkins, Terence Dickinson, Uffe Gråe Jørgensen, Matt Ridley






1. Basic Physics

2. Big Bang

3. Evolution of the Universe

4. The Milky Way

5. Stellar Evolution

6. The Solar System

7. The Earth

8. Life in the Universe



Developed by Nuno Miguel Pestana


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